What size knife is legal to carry in California

What size knife is legal to carry in California? California knife laws 2022

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 What size knife is legal to carry in California? Knife laws in California

A knife is a tool that someone carries to everyday use as it may be used to save a life, cut objects, prepare food, or open packaging. But it’s maybe a fetal weapon. So if you want to carry a knife with you in California then it requires an understanding of that country’s law.

These guides will help you to better understand what knife size is legal to carry in California and in what circumstances. The person who carries a knife they are at risk of trouble with law enforcement therefore you should have a specific reason that why you are carrying the knife. The legality of knives in California depends upon various factors like the way the knife is carried and the type or size of the knife is preferred.

Categories of Knives Law in California

  1. All type of knives you carry in California may be worn open, but they are not concealed
  2. Some specific types of knives allowed to carried openly or concealed with specific restrictions
  3. And you should avoid all knives types that are illegal to carry in the State of California

What Type or Size of Knife Is Legal To Carry In California?

The restrictions for knives in California are depending upon the blade length. Here are some types and size of knives that are preferred to carry in California.

  1. Fixed Blade Knives

A knife with fixed blade is legal to carry in California but ‘’dirk or dagger’’ are illegal to carry. These types of knives have no folding mechanism. But you must need to carry them openly. A fixed blade 2 inches length knife is legal without any restriction in California. Kitchen knives and ice picks are also included in this knife.


Fixed Blade Knives

  1. Switchblades

A switchblade or pocket knife contains a blade in there handle and it’s very easy to use the blade just by pushing a switch or button on the knife handle. The switchblade knife that contains a blade longer than 2 inches are not allowed to carry in California but sometimes these are acceptable to use with some restrictions.


Switchblades Knives

  1. Folding Knives

In California, there is no restriction about the blade length of a folding knife. Folding knives are ok to carry in California because their opening is not assisted likes switchblades or other blades. These knives are open by applying force on the knife blade. According to laws, almost all types of folding knives are legal to carry and they may be concealed until the blade is folded.

The knives that are legal in California almost have a length between 2 to 3 inches as,

  • Balisong knives under 2inches
  • Automatic knives with 2 inches blade
  • In California schools and colleges you are restricted to carrying knives under 2.5 inches


Folding Knives


Knives those are illegal to carry in California

  • Ballistic knives
  • Disguisable knives
  • Belt buckle knives
  • Switchblade with blade longer than 2 inches
  • Pen knives
  • All undetectable knives


If you are in California then it’s legal to carry a fixed blade, switchblade, or folding knife under 2 to 2.5 inches. A broad range of unusual knives or dirk or dragger is illegal to carry in the state. If you decided to change the California knife law by violating the roles that you should develop the best defense strategy for this case.



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