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10 Best Knives for Slicing Meat-Pick a Best Slicer Knife

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When it comes to slicing Meat, all working depends upon the quality of the knife. Are you searching the Best Knife For Slicing Meat thin? Here are the reviews, features, pros and cons of some Best Knives For Slicing Meat.

Overview of Best Knife for Slicing Meat:

Best and high-quality knives are essential to get accurate and precise slices of Meat. It makes it easy to slice meat like chicken, turkey, brisket, beef, and others quickly and effortlessly.  The best quality knife uses for various purposes, and it’s straightforward to balance.

It can either handle a large or small piece of meat in a short time and money. For a great knife, a type of meat does not matter; instead, it makes cutting processes safe, quick, and efficient. It’s a difficult job to find a perfect match for slicing meat into neat and clean slices.

A right Selection of butcher knife has a significant effect on the quality of cuts, slices, and pieces of Meat. Before investing money on a knife, make sure to choose the right one for the right job. A single knife with a sharp blade is enough to provide equal and thin slices of Meat.

Don’t just rely on the good looking knife; rather, it might have good characteristics. It’s never mean that all the best knives have all the useful features; it may have a combination of some. So it depends on you to select a blade that suits more according to your needs.

Best meat Slicer Knives 2020





Hammer Stahl 14-Inch Carving Knife

Chef’s choice
Premium material
Razor sharp
Lifetime warranty
Stainless steel

DALSTRONG - 12-inch Spanish Style Meat & Ham Slicer

Unrivalled performance
Ultra sharp AUS-10V
Engineered to perfection
Stainless steel

Classic 9-Inch Hollow-Ground Slicing Knife by Shun Cutlery

Narrow blade
Pakkawood handle
Double-bevel cutting edge 
VG-Max Cutting Core

YOUSUNLONG Carving Knife 12 Inch

Unique & beautiful
High quality blade
Comfortable and durable handle
Perfect gift
Stainless steel

hun Cutlery Premier 9.5-inch Slicing Knife Thin

Stainless Steel
Shun Premier Slicing Knife
Shun-sharp edge

Miyabi Fusion Morimoto Edition Wide slicing Knife

Stainless Steel
VG10 super steel
Authentic thin Japanese blade

DALSTRONG Butcher's Breaking Knife

Menacing design
Astonishing performance
Lifetime warranty
Featuring high-carbon

Shun Cutlery Classic 12-inch Hollow-Ground Brisket Knife

Razor-sharp edge
Includes a wooden sheath
Alloy Steel

9 inch Kiritsuke Knife

Blade length is 9″
Multi-use knife
VG-10 damascus steel
Stainless steel

Yoshihiro INOX AUS-10 Stain Slicing Knife

Traditional Japanese knife
Best for meat slicer
AUS-10 Stainless Steel
Sharp edge


What Is the Best Knife for Slicing Meat thin?

Knife uses for slicing meat have some different features than knife used for cutting fruits or vegetables as it is light-weighted, sharp, healthy, easy to use, and have a sturdy handle.

Mostly meat slicing knives have a long, healthy, narrow, and thin blade to slice Meat. A Best Meat Slicing Knife should be highly constructed, appropriately designed, used for multiple purposes, and have safety features.

This type of slicing knife is suitable for all kitchen jobs, best for both professionals and non-professional users. A professional slicing knife is a perfect choice for slicing raw and cooked meat because it provides thin and delicate slices of meat.

For that person who finds it difficult to know about the best tool, here are some best of all knives to select for meat slicing without worrying about anything.

A knife with a round tip helps the user to cut a piece of Meat into perfectly equal slices. The most important thing to consider in a slicing knife is its hardness, durability, adaptability, and sharpness of the blade.

10 Best Meat Slicer Knives, You can choose the knife to slice Meat.

The most challenging task is to choose the best knife that can be used for slicing meat. You can select any of the following blades that fit more according to your budget and needs because all these knives are unique, different, and better than each other.

Here are the meats slicing knife reviews that can help you to buy the Best Slicing Knife. You can choose which is the Best Knife For Slicing Meat?

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1. Hammer Stahl 14-Inch C, X50CrMoV15 Carbon Steel knife for slicing Meat

German steel, quad tang handle, comfortable grip and razor-sharp

Hammer Stahl 14-inch made with high quality, efficient, durable and reliable material like stainless steel.  Offer a firm grip on the handle with an outstanding balance. Allow user to cut meat at 20-degree cutting angle with non-slippery grasp.

Best knives for slicing meat

It is one of the Best Knives For Slicing Meat and makes the cooking process easy and enjoyable. Hammer 14 inches is a beautiful knife to save time, money and strength. Have ultra-sharpen blade for slicing meat.

With all other features, this knife uses to slice both thin and thick pieces of meat with excellent finishing and superior edges. Helps to get equal and thin slices of meat and have hollow points to avoid sticking between meat slices and blade.

Key features

  • Made with high-carbon German stainless steel
  • Have non-sticky and non-slippery nature
  • Provides excellent comfort and balance
  • Use for multiple purposes
  • Razor-sharp blade slice meat easily
  • Hammer Stahl 14 inches knife have broad dimensions to use for meat slicing
  • Made with quad tang design
  • Sharp blade and have hollow ground edges
  • Allow easy storage and secure grip
  • Tempered for ideal strength and Rockwell hardness of 55-57
  • Have a heavy-duty and beautiful pakkawood handle
  • Known for its manoeuvrability and thickness
  • • Have a lifetime warranty
  • • Provide firm and comfortable grip
  • • Affordable
  • • Light-weighted
  • • Easy to use and handle
  • • Razor-sharp blade
  • • Low-quality box

User score: 4.7/5

Personal opinion: It is an outstanding product to use for meat slicing at a very reasonable price. Cut through the pieces of meat like butter. The super sharp blade produces perfect slices with a right balance and not demands extra strength. Beautiful construction with high performance. Best either for cooked and uncooked meat.


2. DALSTRONG Slicing Knife for Meat 12″ Spanish Style, Japanese Super Steel

Ultra-sharp blade, corrosion resistance, flexible and strong grip

DALSTRONG slicing knife uses for slicing meat and ham. Made with layers of Japanese supper steel with 62+ Rockwell hardness.  Cut the slices of Meat smoothly just in a try. The angle and design of blade Allow slicing meat easily and quickly by lowering the friction.

best knife for slicing meat

DALSTRONG Japanese knife is made with the best material with cutting edge technology and show outstanding outcomes. The fibreglass handle has great resistant against moisture and heat. Unique blade and handle design allow slicing or cutting Meat in different ways.

Beautifully engraved with Full tang, maximum robustness, and it’s effortless to clean. The scalpel-like edge of the sharp blade provides excellent comfort to hands within 8to 12 degrees angle per side.

Key features

  • Use for a slice, carve and cut the different kinds of Meat
  • Made with corrosion-resistant material to avoid rusting
  • Have 12 inches lengthy and ultra-slim blade
  • Rockwell hardness is 62+ for incredible strength and edge retention
  • Long-life durability with non-slippery grip
  • Razor-sharp blade Easy to sharpen with a whetstone
  • Dalstrong 12 inches Stay sharp for a more extended time
  • Exceptional design with edge retention
  • Best for both professionals and non- professionals
  • The unique blade design is known for its peak level performance
  • Ergonomics handle
  • Offers Strong grip
  • Flexible to use
  • Long blade to cut through large pieces of meat
  • Study but light weighted
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Hold edge for long
  • Expensive than others

User score: 4.7/5

Personal opinion: It is a fantastic tool to use for different kitchen task because it has excellent versatility. Not need to be sharpening the blade again and again. Made with high-quality material as not break even use for thick slices of Meat. It can cut Meat in thin slices like paper.


3. Shun Classic Slicing Knife 9-Inch – shun Japanese knives

Thin cuts and slices, hollow ground, high quality and performance

It is different and better from many other knives because of its sharpness, hardness, and lightweight.  Best knife for slicing cooked meat with chef grip. Arrayed with 68 layers of Damascus stainless steel.

what is the best knife for slicing meat

Effortlessly glide through Meat and produce thin slices. Classic shun 9 inches knife built with narrow blade and pakkawood handle. Slice meat quickly and keep the juice inside the Meat. Allow continuous cutting by turning food at 90 degrees.

Easy to sharpen the blade at 16-degree angle because crafted with advanced steel and razor-sharp edge. It’s durable, and waterproof handles all to use in on every type of surface.

Key Features

  • Allow quick slicing of Meat and vegetables
  • Have an unbreakable and comfortable pakkawood handle
  • Capable of avoiding rusting by protecting it from moisture and water
  • Have double-level cutting edge technology
  • The small size makes it easy to control
  • Can cut big chunks of Meat and brisket in few minutes
  • The blade does not need regular sharpening
  • Heavy-duty meat slicing knife in low price
  • The blade can resist stain and offers fine slices
  • Shun knife have hollows on both sides to prevent sticking and allow the knife to pass through the Meat easily.
  • Harmless to every type of meat and vegetables while slicing
  • Made with high-quality steel
  • Incomparable sharp blade
  • Balance in blade and handle
  • Value for money
  • Save time
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Little fragile tip
  • Heavier than few others

User Score: 4.8/5

Opinion: Once anyone uses this knife for slicing meat, then it will make the first choice forever due to its superb performance. Use for slicing anything in very thin slices with a super sharp blade. Not put a strain on the shoulder even use for many hours continuously, and because of the rigid steel, it does not require extra maintenance.


4. YOUSUNLONG Carving Knife 12 Inch – Japanese VG10 Steel – Good Meat Slicing Knife

Comfortable, durable, non-slippery, and high level of sharpness

YOUSUNLONG Carving Knife 12 Inch built with VG-10 stainless steel, unique and beautiful blade that covered with Damascus. Handle made with non-chemical material that increases its strength and hardness.

Meat Sharp Slicer Knife - meat slicing knife reviews

The heavy, environmentally friendly and ebony black handle increases the balance of the knife. The overall length of the knife is about 17 inches, and the length of the blade is 12inches, blade thickness is 2.5mm.

Make it easier to cut Meat in equal slices from both right and left hand. The knife Packed in a high-quality cover to protect from dust particles. Handle and blade attached with a strong bolster that makes it secure to use.

Key Features

  • The hardness of this meat slicing knife is about 60 ±2 that is enough to slice thick Meat
  • Durable and sharp edge with non-sticky material and accurate heat treatment
  • Non-slippery grip with great comfort and balance
  • One of the best knife for slicing Meat in perfectly equal slices
  • It’s effortless to maintain and handle
  • Sleek appearance with an easy-grip
  • Super anti rust material that not faded or not shrinking ever
  • compact and secure for easy storage
  • Multilayered steel use for the blade to protect it from every type of environment
  • Cut through the raw, cooked or roasted meat
  • Polished surface provides significant reflectivity of light
  • Lengthy in size, therefore, more effective than others
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Slide easily through veggies and Meat
  • Straightforward to use
  • User friendly
  • Expensive

User Score: 4.4/5

Opinion: It is an excellent knife that made with quality material and ultra-sharp blade.  It’s powerful to use for meat slicing and looks beautiful. Easy to wash, sharpen and store because it offers excellent control.


5. Shun Cutlery Premier meat Slicing Knife 9.5-inch Damascus Cladding, Japan

Produce thin slices; reduce friction, and razor-sharp edge.

It is the best meat slicer for home use and professional use because of its simple design and easy use: narrow blade and longer knife product high-quality slices with outstanding finishing.

knife for slicing meat - best meat slicing knife

Meat slices quickly leave the blade due to less friction. Hold the sharp edge for longer. Use the dual-core of steel in the blade material.  The blade is heavy enough to cut through the pieces of Meat efficiently.

Have Double bevel blade at 16 degrees each side. Blade length is 9.5, and the length of the knife is 14.5 inches. They are highly constructed for ultimate sharpening and precision. Use for cutting, slicing and even for presentation.

Key Features

  • Shun premium knife is weighted but slice meat with extreme ease.
  • Have an extremely sharp edge
  • Perfectly design for slicing or cutting hard vegetables and thick Meat
  • Blade fixed with a handle at an exact angle that increases its durability
  • Helping user to get more work done by putting less effort
  • Handle Offers a firm grip even it is wet
  • Resist against the rusting and scratches
  • Easy and straightforward to use for everyone without getting tired
  • Protect fingers while slicing the Meat
  • Ultra sharp and fast blade demand minimal maintenance
  • Design with pakkawood handle to extend the precision, comfort and safety
  • Multipurpose and versatile
  • Blade maintain edge
  • good balance and control
  • safe and secure to use
  • comfortable grip with attractive appearance
  • Easily prone to rusting if not wash or dry after slicing

User Score: 4.5/5

Opinion: It is a durable product with excellent performance. This is an ideal length for a meat slicer knife. Shuns premium blade has excellent quality and exciting design. Edges stay sharp for many years. It does not disappoint the user in any way.


6. Miyabi Fusion Morimoto Wide Chef’s Knife, 6-inch knife for slicing Meat

Very sharp blade, well- balanced and durable knife

It should be an essential part of kitchen accessories because Miyabi is one of the world best meat slicer knives. It has an excellent level of Rockwell hardness as 60. Resist to cold, water and heat.

best knife to slice meat

Weight of this knife is 272g or 9.6 in an ounce. Come with a well-constructed and authentic blade. The blade has excellent edge retention, and it’s rarely needed to sharpen regularly.

It is constructed of 65-layer flower Damascus design. VG10 steel makes the knife strong and able to be sharpening very quickly. Convert meat steaks, brisket into thin and small slices with minimal effort.

Key features

  • The blade is designed to provide accurate and even cuts
  • Appropriately covered to protect it from damage
  • Average weight and high-quality material to increase control
  • Exceptionally thin and sharp knife to cut through Meat
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty without any defect
  • 6 inches lengthy blade
  • Known for easy cleaning and dishwasher safer
  • Easily hold up Meat while slicing process
  • Best for both beginners and professional
  • Use for both soft and bony pieces of Meat
  • Make you’re working easy and comfortable
  • Smooth and polished surface
  • The blade is thin for producing thinner cuts
  • Allow regular sharpening to function well and for quality slices
  • Low blade friction
  • Stain and rust resistance
  • Unbreakable handle
  • Chemical-free stainless steel material
  • Knife and handle attach perfectly
  • Small blade in comparison
  • The smaller size makes it difficult to cut certain types of Meat

User score: 5.0/5

Opinion: A perfect match for the individual who desired a multipurpose knife. Offer Comfort to hold the handle with a firm grip and prevent from slipping. Have a sharpened blade as a slicing knife should be. Material has resistance against moisture, dust and heat.


7. Dalstrong 10 inches Shadow Black Series meat slicer knife – NSF Certified

A high-performance tool, versatile, and 58+HRC power

Titanium-nitride coating makes it’s surface non-reflective and enhances its corrosion resistance power and non-sticky properties. Give more strength to the blade and create a balance during the slicing process.

good knife for slicing meat

It is the best knife for slicing cooked and raw meat because made for professional use. Dalstrong 10 inches butcher breaking knife have angular G10 handle, expert heat treatment, titanium nitride coating, anti-rust and anti-slip touch.

Attract users due to its attractive look and exciting features. It is made with superior non-staining steel for various kitchen tasks and protected and secured for fingers. Weight of this knife is 1 pound. Blade angle is about 16-18 degree per side.

Key features

  • Cooled with nitrogen to extend its flexibility and durability
  • Rockwell hardness is 58+ and coated with a non-reflected coating
  • Clean easily by increasing edge retention
  • Have full tang maximum durability and 10 inches long blade
  • Slice through Meat without sticking with the blade
  • The black colour of the knife does not wipe out after sharpening
  • Allow holding quickly with oily or dry hands.
  • Lifelong durability with a great striking angle
  • Proved by NSF for slicing different kinds of Meat and brisket
  • Packed in a perfect packaging
  • Higher blade angle than competitors
  • G10 handle allows firm grip and exceptional functionality
  • Made with high-carbon 7CR17MOV-X super-steel
  • Inexpensive
  • Lifelong durability
  • Unique design
  • Anti-slip handle minimizes fatigue
  • Sharp tip and long blade
  • Not have a status in the industry as it should be

User score: 4.7/5

Opinion: show out of the box performance, Looks beautiful and fulfil all expectation. Offers comfortable holding and easy to control. Excellent knife with ergonomics shape and extraordinary sharpness.

Highly affordable knife for professionally slicing Meat. The overall length of the blade is 15 to 18 inches that can easily pass through a large piece of Meat.


8. Shun Cutlery Classic 12” Hollow-Ground Brisket and Meat Slicing Knife

Full tang 12inches blade, chef grip, pakkawood handle and wood protector

Include in the best meat slicing knives because of its extraordinary performance, and razor-sharp edge. Slice meat into thin slices just by a single pass with 12 inches long blade.

best knife for slicing raw meat

Shun cutlery classic 12inches have an outstanding balance and precision. Made with pakkawood handle and also have a wooden sheath to protect the blade from damaging, and rusting. Multi-purpose knife blade perfect for cutting and slicing of meat at an exact angle.

The material of blade and handle and the full tang construction increase its performance level, and strength.  Handle and blade connect with a strong bolster it not break even use for thick meat.

Key Features

  • Large size blade allows to cut large pieces of meat easily
  • Built with 12 inches hollow ground blade
  • Its razor-sharp blade cut meat in just a single pass
  • It is a safe and secure knife due to its round blade tip
  • Available in low price in comparison to the features
  • Blade made with stainless steel material, therefore show excellent outcomes
  • Best knife for every kitchen task
  • Easy to clean and wash to make life easier
  • Weight of this knife of shun is about 314g that very comfortable and easy to carry
  • Provide minimum slicing friction with a non- sticky sharp blade
  • Maintains edge
  • Very balanced
  • Long time warranty
  • Give precise cuts
  • Safe with a comfortable grip and rust resistance
  • Not very affordable

User Score: 4.7/5

Opinion: this knife feels excellent in hand; meat does not stick with the blade. With superior quality, it is the best meat slicing knife forever. Not require regular sharpening, but when it sharpens, its edge performs as the new one.


9. 9-inch Kiritsuke Knife by Finding-Prestige series-67 layers Japanese SKD11 Steel

Double bevelled blade, stable, comfortable and lightweight

The most important and unique features of this knife are 14 inches length, higher HRC power; and its balance and weight.  It is a durable knife with a razor-sharp edge.

meat slicing knife

Have double bevelled cutting edge blade. The knife is made of SKD11 Damascus steel and moulded and shape into 67 layers. Handle design with the combination of Sapele wood and Ebony wood.

Keep the moisture inside the meat, blade firmly fit inside the handle and even best for single-sided slicing or cutting. Its remove needs to buy different kinds of knives for other food.

Key Features

  • Rockwell hardness of the knife is 60 +/- 2 that enhance its strength and make it stronger
  • It is a lengthy tool to use for large pieces of meat.
  • Sharp enough for thick or soft meat slices
  • Weight is just about 272g- 296grams
  • The complete length of the knife is 14 inches, and the size of the blade is 9 inches
  • Use for heavy-duty tasks
  • Offer a perfect grip and well balance weight for efficiency
  • With slicing meat, it also uses to cut vegetables and fruits
  • Only 3.7mm thin, razor-sharp blade
  • Available at an excellent price and excellent packaging
  • Extremely sharp blade and edge
  • It is stain and rust free knife
  • 14 inches long
  • Compact and sturdy
  • Sharpening by a rough stone can harm the beauty of the knife

User Score: 4.7/5

Opinion: provide equal and clean cuts and blade stay sharp for many years. A sharp and beautiful tool to use for meat slicing.  It Has an elegant design and well-balanced knife than many other knives. Ideal for slicing through the large and thin pieces of meat without getting tired.


10. Yoshihiro INOX AUS-10- Sujihiki Slicer Chef Knife 9.5inches

Narrow blade, 2mm spine thickness, and 9.5 inches length

Stain resistance knife with a double edge blade, black pakkawood handle. Common in design but have many exciting features that prove it better than others. Specifically, design to slice through every kind of meat.

best meat slicer knife

Yoshihiro inox stain-resistant Aus -10 knives have best edge retention, and toughness to deal with challenging tasks. It is Suitable to slice thicker pieces of meat because it is a super-thin knife.

It is an essential and vital kitchen gadget for quick and effortless slicing. Knife for both professional cuts and non-professional slices

Key features

  • Have outstanding durability and edge retention
  • Keep the meat fresh and slice smoothly with a narrow blade.
  • Whetstone is best for sharpening the knife.
  • Uses for carving and slicing meat in different forms.
  • It is a dish to wash the safer knife.
  • Does not require much effort to slice
  • Resist against water, cold and heat.
  • Knife weight only 1 pound to slice meat comfortably
  • It is built with a quality product to make it capable for different purposes.
  • Exceptionally thin blade design
  • This knife certified by NSF
  • Comfortable use with balance
  • Modest price range without compromising the quality
  • Slicing through this knife requires extra care and attention

User score: 4.8/5

Opinion: highly durable knife with a perfect sharpening and slicing angle. It is an excellent product with a sharp edge, proper weight, and long-lasting warranty.  Have a protected and stylish knife—durable and reliable product in such an affordable price.


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Buying Guides for Best Meat Slicing Knife

How to Select the Best Knives for Slicing Meat?

Meat is one of the essential parts of the everyday diet of many individuals, and they cook it differently; therefore, they search a perfect tool for slicing or cutting meat. For finding the right knife for meat slicing, there are some factors to consider.

By these buying guides, you can quickly get a perfect knife for indoor and outdoor kitchen tasks. It will help you a lot to know about the best features of a meat slicing tool.

1) Maintenance

Select a knife with a high-quality steel blade because it does not require extra maintenance and care. Sometimes a knife user doesn’t wash or dry up the sword of the knife after using due to a short time, and then this knife can easily prone to rusting.

Therefore hard steel blade protects it from rusting and damaging. This type of knife can work for longer without sharpening the blade.

Quality of Swords

The best knife comes with a steel sword or blade that stays sharp for many years. Knife with high carbon stainless steel, strong, durable, and easy to sharpen blade include in the world Best Knife to Slice Meat. Because it just cut through the hard or soft pieces of meat without putting extra effort into it.

Balance and weight

A knife with a balanced weight of handle and blade is best to choose for slicing because it offers precise slices. Select a well-balanced knife to get comfort while using the knife.

It depends upon the preference that you select a light-weighted or heavier blade because both have their best features. As heavier knives don’t demand a lot of power and light-weighted knives use for precision.


Comfortable gripping on the handle is necessary for slicing Meat.  Wood, rubber, plastic, and stainless steel handle offers an excellent grip and comfort even use for a more extended period.

These types of handles have a lower risk of sliding and slip from your hand. It also allows a firm grip during the meat slicing process.

Easy to use

The shape of the blade and handle have a significant effect on the quality of the slices. Make sure to select a knife with a sharp and thin blade because it’s the best source for making the work easier for you. It should have a simple design to reduce fatigue on the hand and give much control as possible.


If you are looking for the Best Meat Slicer Knife, then these entire knives are recommended. The knives discuses in this content show out of the box performance at an affordable price.

A single knife indeed uses for various purposes, but it’s never mean to expect that a knife is used for everything. Nevertheless, it is the Best Slicing Knife for every type of meat.

Any of the above mention knives will not disappoint you ever; it will make your working easy and comfortable. After reading these reviews, features, and buying guides, you can easily choose the perfect knife for slicing Meat.

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