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Best Knife Sets under 100 – Here is your Kitchen Tools

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It’s challenging to find the Best Knives Set at an affordable price, but it’s not impossible. A pricy product doesn’t need to have all the useful features; instead, if you select the high quality and Best Knife Sets Under 100, you can enjoy the set’s longevity with its excellent features and properties.

Here are the reviews of some Best Kitchen Knife Sets Under 100 at low prices that are perfect for every kitchen task. Please read below about 10 Best Knives Sets Under 100 Reviews.

Overview of the Best Kitchen Knife Set Under 100

Accept than purchasing each knife individually, a Best Knife Sets under 100 is the best way to get a great range of different blades in one set. All the knives are beautiful and could easily pass through the cutting material as an expensive knife set.

Some of the knives set have a classic wooden block, and some have a self-resharpening slot that automatically sharp it and not requires sharpening your knives again and again.

These types of knives set are made from quality materials and provide a sensible range of kitchen products. Knives set are perfect for full fill your kitchen needs.

Therefore the selection of knives set block depends upon the personal preference of the user. The quality knife set perfect for different kitchen purposes, and it’s effortless to balance the blade.

Before investing money on any of the following knives set, make sure to select the perfect product for the right job. Some of the best knives are more convenient, reliable, efficient, and useful for heavy-duty tasks.

But for long term working, it requires regular sharpening and maintenance. A complete knife set is the best solution for every situation.

What is the Best Knife Set Under 100 Dollars?

Knives are the essential kitchen appliance; it should produce more just than chopping. A single knife is not enough for all kitchen jobs; therefore, a knife set is a perfect choice for this purpose.  It should be safe to use, built to last up for longer, and comfortable to use, and it should have a sharp blade for the thickest cutting material.

When buying the best knife sets under $100, then make sure to check the durability, quality, price, functionality, and variety of knives. Stainless steel blade knives set are best with impressive sharpening and reliability. The comfortable grip is a plus point for multipurpose knives set.

It should include all the knives collection that should be a part of your kitchen. Ensure that the knife set you choose for your kitchen should be easy to use and have a robust built. With all other features, the blade material should have resistance against scratches, rust, dust, and corrosion that increase the knife set’s longevity.

Here are our top picks for Top 10 Best Knives Sets Under 100

When you are searching for the Best Knife Set Under 100 Dollars. Here are the reviews, features, pros, and cons of the some best quality and long-lasting products. It may be tricky to buy a knife set if you don’t want to invest a lot of money.

But there is some excellent knife set out there just in $100. The top set reviews make your selection easy, and the buying guides help you make the right choice.

1. Emojoy Knife Set, 15-Piece Kitchen Knife Set with Manual Sharpening

Full tang construction, comfortable grip, sharp blade, and reliable set

High carbon stainless steel of the blade produces precise cuts in a short time without getting stains. Emojoy Knife Set, 15-Piece Kitchen Knife Set, has a strong bolster for extra strength and stability.

Best Knife sets Under 100 - Emojoy knife set review

This knife set comes with a wide range of kitchen tools that serve many functions and considered one of the excellent kitchen knife sets.

It is a suitable knife set for various purposes because include a carving knife, utility knife, chef knife, six pieces of steak knives, bread knife paring knife, santoku knife, multifunctional kitchen scissors, and sharpening steel.

Key Features

  • The ergonomic style handle allows for an easy, comfortable, and non-slippery grip.
  • The knife’s material has resistance against rust, stains, and pitting.
  • Emojoy knife set has a durable and robust construction.
  • Have forged bolster and three rivet polymers for tang construction.
  • Well balanced and sharp knife cut equal and thin slices of food.
  • A wooden block of the set has an angled slot edge for easy storage and removal of knives.
  • All the knives are built with an ultra-sharp blade, better cutting edge technology.
  • Dimensions of the knife set are 5 x 9.8 x 5 inches.
  • The set includes 12 knives and three accessories.
Pakkawood handle
Sharpening device and kitchen shear include inset.
Built with quality high carbon stainless steel
Affordable and light weighted
Have a lifetime warranty


Not dishwasher safe

User Score: 4.7/5

Experts Opinion: It is a beautiful knife set with a sharp blade. Comfortable and sturdy enough to make the most challenging cooking task more manageable. All the knives of the set made with corrosion and rust-resistant material. It’s not too heavy or not too much light-weighted; therefore, it provides the right balance in the user’s hand.

2. McCook MC21 Knife Sets, 15 Pieces German Stainless Steel Knife Sets

Built-in sharpener, stainless steel handle, and lightweight

The knives’ hard woodblock has a built-in sharpener for self-resharpening and keeps blades at perfect sharpening for every time the user uses it.  All the pieces of  McCook MC21 Knife Sets, 15 Pieces last up for longer and stay sharp.

mccook knife set reviews

Dimensions of the knife set are 14.3 x 8.7 x 6.1 inches. The hollow handle of the knives makes it easy to use. It is Uses for slicing, chopping, dicing, and cutting. To maintain the sharpness of the blade, the brand requires hand washing.

Key Features:

  • The knives are set to allow users to save space, time, and money.
  • It is the Light-weighted product with 54 pounds weight.
  • Include 8 inches slicing and chef knife.
  • There is not any chance of blade breaking because it is made with highly durable material.
  • The handle of the knives are hollowed out to reduce weight
  • 5 inches serrated knife, 3.5 inches paring knife, and 5inches utility knife also include in it
  • 5 inches Santoku knife and six pieces of 4.5 inches steak knives increase its worth
  • The FDA approves the tools of the set; therefore, they are safe to use.
  • Knives can work up to 6 months with resharpening the blade.
Ultra-sharp blade
Versatile knives set with excellent versatility
Built-in sharpener
Offers professional quality cuts
Requires low maintenance


Some consider it hard to use
Require hand washing

User Score: 4.7/5

Honestly Review:  The knives of the set are not slipping out from the hand. It’s straightforward to resharpen the knife’s blade. It is a perfect choice for those who want a complete knife set without spending a lot. Not prone to rusting and tarnish ever if appropriately dried after every wash.

3. DISHWASHER SAFE Rainbow Titanium, 14 PCS with Acrylic Stand

Acrylic stands, versatility, dishwasher safe and strong, Marco Almond Knives Set

The different and unique feature of these knives set is its acrylic stand. All the blades store easily in the knife’s stand. Excellent and right looking product with different types of knives that make it suitable for all kitchen needs.

marco almond knife set - best knife set under $100

Marco Almond knife Rainbow Titanium Cutlery Knife Set is safe and natural. The blade and handle are built with high-quality material, and the titanium coating gives it a soothing colourful effect like a rainbow. It has all the features like the best knives set under 100.

Key features:

  • Blade coated with titanium for a rainbow effect.
  • Made with high-quality stainless steel material for durability and strength
  • The best quality all-purpose shear also a part of the set.
  • Acrylic stand use for space-efficient storage
  • This knife set is dishwasher safe
  • The weight of the product is 73 pounds.
  • The overall size of the knife set is 14.45 x 12.64 x 5.04 inches.
  • 14 pieces of knives set is perfect for home kitchen
  • Ergonomic design handle offers excellent comfort in the user’s hand while cutting.
  • This knives set are famous due to its elegant work.
  • It offers a convenient cutting process and long term sharpness.
Sturdy knives set
Scratches and rust-free material
Cut easily and smoothly
Dishwasher safe
Multifunctional knives set with long-lasting features


Not have built-in sharpener block

User score; 4.7/5

Expert’s reviews; Great knives set for cutting different food items quickly and efficiently with outstanding precision. The blade and handle of the knives are highly robust. The product has excellent edge retention and tarnish resistance. This knives set include all the essential knives. Any of the above mention knives set will not disappoint you ever.

4. Aokiwo 22 pieces Germany High Carbon Stainless Steel

Ultra Sharp blade, Forged style, Full-Tang design, and razor-sharp, Professional Chef Knife block set

The edge of the Aokiwo 22 pieces Professional Chef Knife block set is made with superior quality high carbon stainless steel for making most exacting work more comfortable. The knife sets include paring, carving, steaks, bread, chef, slicing, santoku, utility knives, and kitchen shear, also a part of this set.

best kitchen knives under 100 - Best Chef Knife Set Under 100

Provide great comfort while handling the knives because of its ergonomic design. The razor-sharp blade of the knives helps the user to work for many hours continuously without getting tired.

Key Features:

  • Sturdy knives set with an ultra-sharp blade
  • Rockwell hardness of the knife’s blade is 56±2°.
  • The blade of the knives is not prone to rust or stain easily.
  • The knives are very straightforward to resharpe because of its grind edge technology.
  • The thickness of the blade is 5mm.
  • Premium quality knives set with extra durability, strength, and stability
  • Dimensions of the knife set are 7 x 9.9 x 5.2 inches.
  • This knife set lasts up for long as it has a lifetime warranty.
  • The edge of the knives polished at 14-16 degrees per side.
  • The weight of the product is 9.18 pounds.
22 pieces of knives set
Stable and well-balanced knives set.
Easy to sharpen the knives with a secure grip
Light-weighted and budget-friendly
Ergonomic handle with ultra-sharp blades


Heavier than few others

User Score: 4.6/5

Honestly Review: it is a highly recommended knife set with great value. A sharp blade offers precise cuts. It is hard to find such a great knife block set under $100. The handle and edge of the knives are attached with a strong bolster with three rivet construction. Include all the kitchen accessories that usually a user demands in his kitchen.

5. J.A. Henckels International Statement, 12-pc – JA Henckels Knife Review

Precise cutting, durable, light weighted and have long-lasting sharpening

Overall dimensions of the JA. Henckels International Statement Knife Block Set are 10 x 4.5 x 14.5 inches. The knife set is known for its long-lasting sharpening. A stamped blade is more delicate to carry than forged blade knives.

ja henckels knife set reviews - knife set under 100

This knives set have excellent manageability.  Curved design handle featured triple riveting construction. The end cap on the handler provides the perfect balance.

Key Features:

  • The end cap of the knives adds aesthetic features to the block.
  • The knives set are easy to maintain by the dishwasher, but it’s recommended hand washing.
  • Offers excellent features and durability if appropriately dried after every wash
  • The 7 inches hollow edge of the santoku knife is suitable for many kitchen tasks.
  • Allow for fatigue-free cutting quickly.
  • The weight of the knife set is about 9 pounds that considered as light-weighted than others.
  • The set includes 3 inches paring knife, 8 inches bread and chef knife, and six pieces of 4.5 inches steak knives.
  • One of the best and unique features of this knife set is its 9 inches sharpening steel.
Stay sharp for longer.
Best and long-lasting sharpness
Have hardwood block for storage
Have full tang triple-rivet handle


Some don’t like its serrated steaks knives.
Otherwise, it does not have any downside

User score: 4.7/5

Expert’s opinion: It is the best knives set at a low price. This is a super sharp, rustproof, and light-weighted product that works efficiently and conveniently. Different types of knives capable the knives set to uses for a lot of purposes. It is a great aesthetic knife block set.

6. Emojoy 18-Piece Kitchen Knife Set- Best Kitchen Knives Set Under 100

Perfect balance and weight, safe to use, and long-lasting product

Emojoy Kives, 18-Piece Kitchen Knife Set allow for effortless cutting with ideal balance, non-slippery grip, ergonomic handle, and German stainless steel blade. The non-sticky material of the blade cuts things quickly without getting stick.

Emojoy knives review - kitchen knife set under 100

It uses a variety of functions that will meet almost all the kitchen needs. The sharp conical ground edge of the knives require low maintenance and last up for many years. The blade works perfectly even with a wet handle.

Key Features:

  • The bolster of the knife offers an outstanding balance and divide weight equally.
  • The material of the knife’s blade resists stains and corrosion.
  • It’s effortless to maintain the knife because of its 16-degree angle sharp edge.
  • 18 pieces knife set with a sturdy and robust block
  • Built with ABS handle for non-slip and slide grip
  • 91 pounds is the overall weight of the blade set.
  • This latest model is very well crafted than earlier.
  • The Santoku knife of the set is 7 inches long with a large handle.
  • Include a Best quality storage block that makes it very easy to add or remove the knives
FDA and NSF approved knives set
Knife set with great handle design
Well balanced
Include a great variety of knives


Recommended hand washing to remain sharp

User Score: 4.7/5

Honestly Review: The steel of the blade is soft therefore, reshape quickly best product for the price. Any of the knives from the set glide through the different food items quickly and feel great in hand.

7. Cuisinart C77TR-16P Triple Rivet Collection 16-Piece Cutlery Block Set

Stable, ergonomic design handle full tang construction and lifetime warranty

One 16 pieces of knife set are the best choice for every kitchen. This set includes eight steaks knives, a paring knife, utility knife, chef knife, slicing knife, a steel rod for sharpening, and kitchen shears.

cuisinart knives review - cuisinart knife set review

Cuisinart C77TR-16P Triple Rivet 16-pieces are perfect for user safety because the blade attaches with a complete and robust bolster. It is a light weighted knife set as the weight is about 6.91 pounds. The ergonomic handle design reduces the risk of slipping over.

Key Features:

  • It offers excellent control and stability in the user’s hand.
  • Best knife set for accuracy and precision
  • A high carbon stainless steel blade lasts for longer without getting a break.
  • To ensure the safety of knives, the blade and handle securely attached with a stainless steel rivet.
  • The size of the product is 63 x 5.25 x 15 inches.
  • Built with a premium quality blade that narrows gradually with an extraordinarily sharp and slight edge
  • Have extra-wide bolster for the safety of user’s hand while preparing food
  • The handle offers an excellent and fatigue-free grip.
Multipurpose knife set
Have full tang design
Built with durable blade material
Easy to use and secure knives set


Requires regular sharpening
May the set Get rust after washing in a dishwasher

User Score: 4.6/5

Expert Review: The edge of the blade is not stay sharp for longer. All the set products quickly slice through food and require low effort—well-balanced knives with a sharp cutting blade. But the one downside of the knife set is that it requires extra maintenance.

8. McCook MC24 14 Pieces Knife Set Built-in Sharpener – Best Knife Sets under 100

Built-in sharpener, valuable set, resist against rust and tarnish

The knife set has an attractive rubber woodblock with a built-in sharpener that allows resharpening the knife blade automatically. Dimensions of McCook MC24 14 Pieces High Carbon Stainless is 8.86 x 6.88 x 7.87 inches. Both sides of the edge work equally.

Mccook knives Reviews - Best kitchen knives under 100

High carbon stainless steel forged material that works for many years.  The knives use high carbon stainless steel material that combines both strength and durability, which is one of the essential factors to find in this kind of large knife set.

Key Features:

  • Forged knives because made with one single piece of steel
  • The sharpener of the block built with ceramic material
  • The weight of the product is 41 pounds.
  • The handle of the knives is hollowed out to reduce weight.
  • The knives set include 8 inches slicing and a chef knife.
  • Other parts are a 5inches serrated utility knife, santoku knife, and 3 inches paring knife
  • 6pieces of 4.5 inches serrated steak knives and 4.75 inches utility knife include in these
  • There is no chance to break the handle.
Attractive red handle
Have forged handle with end cap
Light product to uses for a long time
14 pieces of knife set
Easy to use and store


Some user finds it rusty if not dried properly

User Score: 4.6/5

Expert Opinion: An excellent quality knife set at an affordable price. The razor-sharp blade of the knives works efficiently. Include all the kitchen accessories that a user demands kitchen tasks. The built-in sharpener of the block is one of the excellent features of a block set. Stainless steel knives cut things well.

9. Premium 19-Piece, ALLWIN HOUSEWARE Professional Double Forged Full Tang

Rubberwood storage block, double forged design, and ultra-sharp blade

Professional Premium 19-Piece German High Carbon knives set includes 8inches chef knife, bread knife, sharpening rod, 7inches santoku knife. 5inches utility knife, 8inches slicing knife, eight steak knives of 4.5inches, two paring knives of 3.5inches, one 5inches bread knife, and kitchen scissors are also a part of the set.

allwin houseware

The double forged full tang handle of the knife’s set never gets heat, nor fade ever or have resistance against discoloration. The Rubberwood knife block of the group protects the blades and allows for convenient storage.

Key Features:

  • Rockwell hardness of the knives set is 58HRC
  • The edge of the product is effortless to sharp at 14-16 degrees per side.
  • The knife set is not dishwasher safe; therefore, recommended hand wash only.
  • The knives have a polished satin surface.
  • The handle of the knives feels excellent in hand.
  • The knives have a bolster with a full tang design that perfectly fits in the handle.
  • The weight of the knife set is 24 pounds.
  • Well, a balanced knife distributes equal weight.
  • Dimensions of the product are 14 x 9 x 7.25 inches.
  • The knives use a German high carbon stainless steel that is essential for giving durability and strength to the blade.
Made with rust resist material
Stay sharp for longer
Non-slippery grip
Sturdy enough for the toughest task
Have stainless steel end cap


Not have any drawback

User Score: 4.6/5

Honestly Review:  It’s effortless to resharpen the knives as steel, or ceramic stone is the best choice to use as a sharpener. The silverware set is comfortable to use and last up for longer. These knives are suitable for every kitchen compared to other products—no rivet or screw attached with handle for a comfortable grip.

10. MSY BIGSUNNY 5pcs Knife Set Kitchen Utensils Knife, Tang Series

Razor-sharp edge, ergonomic design, and sleek appearance

These knives have many great features, different and unique, almost from all other knives set in this category due to the attractive design on the handle. Rockwell hardness range of the MSY BIGSUNNY 5pcs knives set is between 56-58HRC.

bigsunny knives

Built with laminated pakkawood orange colour handle with the polished mirror surface. The razor-sharp edge of the knives cut things with ease. The multipurpose knives set suitable either for long term and short term cooking task.

Key Features:

  • The ergonomic design handle Increase the comfort of the user.
  • Blade of the knives built with stain and rust-resistant material.
  • Cut difficult things with such great ease.
  • Perfect knives set for different cooking purposes and make the most challenging task easier
  • Precision blades of the knives designed to produce the neatest cuts
  • Has a lifetime warranty.
  • The thin blade of the knives is sturdy enough .to glide through the various food item easily.
  • The set features comfortable, efficient, and ergonomic handles.
  • The Pakkawood handles are designed to provide perfect improved control and precision in the user’s hand.
  • The weight of the knife set is about 2.01 pounds.
High manoeuvrability with a firm grip
The knives set have professional cut quality
It is a 13-piece kitchen tool with a mature design


Still not a complete kitchen set

User Score: 4.6/5

Experts Reviews: One of the attractive, impressive, sharp knives set at a low price and an excellent warranty. You will find it a very light weighted product. It is the best knife set under 100 Review that will never disappoint you ever.

Buying guides and Reviews of  Best Knife Set Under $100

Things to Consider for Knife Block Set Under 100

Before investing money in any product, it’s necessary to look out for that product’s features. You do not just need to find the ergonomic handle or sharpness of the blade, but there are some most important factors to consider before buying knives set.

These buying guides will also help you if you want to buy The Best Knife Set Under 200. You can select the blades that fit more according to your need and budget.

Include Block

Knives set with a useful storage block are the best choice to select because it removes the need to buy storage device separately and a way to save time, space, and money. Knives set with blocks make user life more comfortable. Some of the block knives set have self resharpening features.

Blade Material

The capabilities of the knife set depend upon the blade material. Therefore, it is recommended to select stainless steel knives set because they have extra durability, rust, and corrosion resistance, and they are straightforward to resharpen.

Some other recommended materials; for knives set blades are carbon steel, ceramic, and high carbon stainless steel.

Handle Shape and Material

Steel, plastic, and wooden material handle offers a non-slippery and robust grip. Make sure to select the knife set with the built-in ergonomic style, as it is the best of all features to find in a knife set. The best quality and well-made handle help to increase the life of knives.

Sharpness and Maintenance

It’s necessary to find the ideal kitchen Best Japanese Knife Block Set with a sharp blade and edge retention technology; it should feature the long term maintenance because regular sharpening may dull the blade. The best way to know about the knife quality is to check how sharp it is and how many times it requires resharpening.

Weight of the Knives

The knife set weight is one of the essential factors to consider before buying a knife set for your kitchen. It depends upon user preference as heavy knives are difficult to use for long-term cooking tasks. It may increase fatigue and strain on the user’s hand, while light-weighted blades offer less control.

Budget or Cost

Make sure to look for the budget-friendly knives set that will cover all your kitchen requirements in one set. $100 is enough to spend on knives set because a pricy product doesn’t always need to work better, sometimes a low budget but quality set work more efficiently.

Construction of knives

Check the knives’ construction as the blade and handle of the knife set should be appropriately attached. Double bevelled knives are recommended because it is easy to resharpen from both sides.

Forged knives are high in quality but expensive than others. Stamped knives perform well and are reliable but require regular resharpening.

Conclusion- Best Knife Sets under 100

The excellent quality Best Japanese chef knife under 100 helps make the cooking or cutting process more comfortable, quicker, smoother, and enjoyable. All these knives set offers high quality and exciting design just within $100. Have a great value for user money.

A knife set is the best solution than buying different blades for different purposes individually. Any of the above mention knives set will never disappoint you ever.

The ergonomic and sturdy design of the blades helps it to deal with a complex and challenging task.  All are budget-friendly set and proves helpful if you have a low budget.

It does not just rely on high quality. Instead, the blade material and handle design enhance knives’ stability and balance while working in the kitchen. The entire product helps cuts things precisely and effortlessly.


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